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Lötschental - 'The Hidden Valley'
Is the Lötschental valley the end of the world? It was at one time, but not any longer!

KippelBefore the Lötschberg railway was built (around 1910), it was very difficult to get to the valley. Nowadays, It is easily accessible via an international transport system, stretching from north to south. But centuries of isolation have moulded the character of the countryside and the people. It is hardly surprising that the area retains an independent tradition!

All the express trains of the international line, Basel-Berne-Lötschenberg-Simplon-Italy, stop at Goppenstein. From here, there is a good connection by post bus. Car drivers can reach the Lötschental by taking the Basel-Berne-Spiez motorway and turning off shortly before Kandersteg. From Kandersteg, there are car/rail connections to Goppenstein every half hour.

Cable Car - Wiler-LauchernalpThe Lotschental nestles between the large spa resorts of the Bernese Oberland and Valais. This makes it an ideal starting point for excursions. Guests have a choice of hotels and guest houses of different star ratings, holiday flats, houses for groups, holiday camps and camp sites. The tourist office will be pleased to supply information and to offer its services when making reservations.

"Classy - sunny - with a definite promise of snow" - recommendations which apply to the Lauchernalp skiing region! Classy - because the mechanical plant not only opens up pistes for beginners, but also for the experienced skier, as well as providing cross-country and ski-walking excursion paths. Sunny - because the skiing region is situated on a southern slope. SkiingA definite promise of snow - because the foehn (warm south wind) bypasses the Lötschental.

During the carnival period, the villages are alive with "Tschaeggaettae", - frightening figures, wrapped in fur, wearing grotesque masks. The "Lötschentaler Herrgottsgrenadier" band is a well-known feature. As far back as man can remember, it has been part of the procession for the major religious festivals, along with the women in their traditional, decorative Lotschental costumes.

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