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Recommended Walks
*Time: 1 hour each way. Take car to Holz cable car, and walk up nursery slopes to join main path. Follow it all the way past Stafel to Kummenalp. There is a choice of high or low routes. The low route is easier. Walker's ParadiseFrom Kummenalp, a choice of stiff climbs up to the Lotschen pass or up the Hockuchrix to Daffodil Dingwall's bench, and back across the top of Lauchenalp (for the fit only!).

Time. 1.5 hours. As in 1, but continue straight to Restialp. This is a boring walk down a road. If you go to Restialp, take the car via Ferden and drive up. Nice little pub there though, and a good starting point for Faldumalp, and the Leukebad walk.

*Time: 45 minutes from Restialp. Take car as above. Very pretty walk and one of the best views of the Lotschental. Faldumalp is lovely, with a very pretty Church, and offers lots of walking options such as the climb up to the Nirongrat and Nirvenpass (2.5 hours there and back), or back down to Ferden, or to Goppenstein (1.25 hours). Lauchenalp to Faldumalp and back via Kummenalp and Restialp is a good day's walk, with lunch at Faldumalp.

*Time: 3 hours each way. Take car to Restialp, and go up over the Restipass. 600 metre climb there, but it's easier coming back. Have lunch in the restaurant at the cable car station above Leukebad. A really lovely walk for the moderately fit. If you don't want to go all the way, stop at the Wyssesee lake 40 mins the other side of Restipass.

Time: 8 hours from Holz. Go to the Lotschenpass via the high route from Lauchenalp. Turn right and follow the cairns across some snow to the back of the peak. This is a demanding but not difficult walk. The hardest part is climbing up to the summit. The path is followable, but not very clear, and should probably not be attempted the first time without somebody who knows the way. The views from the summit are indescribable. You need to be fairly fit.

*Time: 1.25 hours each way. A fairly easy walk with a lovely swim in the lake at the end. Take the car up the road past Chalet Caroline until you see a large green parking area on your left with the long uphill sweep to Weritzstafel ahead of you.

At Weritzstafel, take the high route to get away from the tourists on the 'motorway'. Cross the river at Tellistafel and keep going. If the weather is nice, you should swim - it's not that cold!

Time: 2.25 hours from Fafleralp car park. Leave car at Fafleralp and walk up Uisters Tal. A very stiff walk up to the Blauseeli lake and glacier. Definitely worth the effort, as the lake and glacier are spectacular. Not for the old and infirm!

Bietschorn Hut
Time: 2.5 hours up, 1 hour down. A must for any half-serious walker. Leave the car just across the bridge in Wiler, and up you go. Clearly marked all the way. Not for the under 13s unless very determined or fit. The English record is 1 hr 56 mins up, 48 mins down!

Forest Walk from Kippel
Time: 2 hours up, 1 hour down. Cross the river at Kippel and take the right hand forest way through Chastler Wald. Make sure you get the right path. Picnic lunch above the tree line, then come back down through Chipel Wald. For the energetic it is very enjoyable and not testing to continue across and come down to Wiler. There is a route from here across to the Bietschorn hut. Steady uphill climb up through the trees, but not difficult for the moderately fit.

Lötschen Pass
*Time: 2.25 hours. A very nice and worthwhile walk with only one fairly steep climb. Take the high route above Lauchenalp and follow the path. Stop for a rest at Daffodil Dingwall's memorial bench at the top of the steep climb. (An English lady who went missing one night was found dead after three days - a lesson on not walking off by yourself!). You can get lunch at the Lotschenpass hut, or sit and enjoy your sandwiches. From here you can either go on to Kandersteg (5 hours), up the Hockentorn, or home for a stiff drink.
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